Introducing EDM Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) Feature

In the recent EDM 7.0 release, Crystal Instruments introduced Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) in EDM software as a new feature. The EDM MSC function enables users to view and monitor multiple shaker tests from one PC station. The user can observe the testing status, view individual signals from different shaker systems, and send commands to each controller from one centralized application. The MSC feature is especially useful for production applications, increasing efficiency and simplifying control processes. Up to 12 controllers can be accessed simultaneously.

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Announcing Crystal Instruments’ Italy Distributor: Belotti Sistemi S.r.l.

Crystal Instruments (CI), a leading manufacturer of vibration testing, condition monitoring, and data acquisition solutions, is proud to announce the selection of a new distributor for our products in Italy.

Belotti Sistemi located in Peschiera Borromeo, Italy, in close proximity to Milano, Belotti is a historic Italian group with a market history dating over 110 years old.

Belotti’s sister company, Centrotecnica, offers complementary solutions. Together, both companies provide a 360º service for vibration analysis, shock analysis, and more. They are considered an authority in the world of vibration and testing for the Italian and European markets.

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14 New Desktop Icons Introduced for EDM 7.0 Release

In the next few days, we will launch the largest software release in Crystal Instruments’ company history: the EDM 7.0 software release. After spending over 10 months in development, including major software restructuring, bug fixes and feature enhancements, we are proud to unveil a grand new look for our EDM software.

In EDM 7.0, users can now run multiple EDM applications in parallel on the same computer. For example, while one EDM instance is activated to run a 64 channel Spider controller, another EDM instance can run in dynamic analyzer mode to acquire real-time data using the Spider-20, while a third instance can be activated to conduct post analysis. Running multiple instances of EDM on one PC will allow users to conduct sophisticated tests with greater efficiency.

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The 3rd Annual SmallSat Symposium | February 5th - 8th

Crystal Instruments (CI) is proud to exhibit and help support Silicon Valley’s SmallSat Symposium.  The symposium will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  This year is anticipated to be a banner year with over 800 participants expected to attend.  Organizations and companies from across the country and around the world will hear from 120 speakers focused directly on the small sat industry.

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Modal Testing Excitation Consideration

There are several modal testing methods that consider different types of excitations used. Commonly known methods include Hammer Impact testing and Modal Shaker testing. Please note that Operational Modal Analysis utilizing Ambient Excitation will not be discussed here.

Hammer impact testing uses an Impact Hammer to excite the structure under test. The impulse force applied to the structure is categorized in the broadband range excitation because it contains energy up to a certain frequency range. The hammer impact test is quick to set up and to carry out, and thus is widely used. However, it does have its limitations and there are some concerns to be considered.

Modal shaker testing utilizes a modal shaker to excite the structure under test. Users can select from a list of waveform types to excite the structure under test. This testing method is usually applied to complex or large scale structural testing. Compared to the hammer impact test, it is easier to duplicate. On the other hand, the modal shaker testing method requires more hardware (i.e., modal shaker(s), stinger, more input and output channels from the dynamic signal analyzer). This test setup requires an experienced user.

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Announcing Crystal Instruments Europe

Crystal Instruments (CI) is pleased to announce the opening (effective November 2017) of its first European sales office. Crystal Instruments chose Barcelona, Spain as the European sales office location after considering its excellent business infrastructure and high quality facilities. These advantages, in addition to a cosmopolitan environment and access to hard working local and international talent, are greatly appreciated by Crystal Instruments.

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Astro Digital - Vibration Testing

Small satellites, more commonly known as CubeSats, have gained popularity because of their miniature size and their data acquisition techniques. These satellites are being launched at a record pace and have roped big players into this aerospace segment. Astro Digital is a company that risen to the challenge of land mapping and hazard detection using CubeSats.

Astro Digital has been creating APIs and CubeSats for geological mapping, natural disaster management, forest management, water cover sensing, etc. Sentek Dynamics is proud to have a hand in their projects.

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Modal Testing Preparation Considerations

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) is an important tool that is applicable for many structural vibration analysis situations. Fundamental aspects of performing a successful modal analysis include preparation, FRF data acquisition, modal parameter identification, and modal model verification.

In this technical note, the emphasis is to discuss the necessary technical details regarding the preparation of a successful modal test to acquire a set of FRF signals.

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