Vibration Tests for Seismic Qualification

Earthquakes are one of the most destructive forces of nature with the potential to cause devastating life and property losses. In addition to buildings and structures, equipment damaged by earthquakes may directly or indirectly generate hazards for people or the environment. For the safety of employees and the public, equipment designed to perform safety measures (e.g. shut down a reactor) or to function under certain levels of earthquakes for specified periods of time should pass a seismic qualification or a verification of earthquake resistance.

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Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Vibration Control vs. Single Shaker Vibration Control

Vibration testing has been carried out since the 60’s of the 20th century. Concurrently, vibration control systems evolved into the current network-based 4th generation systems. During the last several decades, single shaker vibration testing has been performed for a wide range of industries and has contributed to the progress of modern industries. Many products have been qualified through single shaker vibration control testing to ensure their survival through launching, operating or transportation environmental conditions. 

With the development of multiple shaker table systems, the availability of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) controllers and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) vibration control started emerging a couple of decades ago. Due to the readiness of standards, (e.g., Mil STD 810G, Method 527 and IEST DTE 022 working group recommendation) MIMO Testing has gained a huge momentum in the past decade. The increased usage of multiple shaker testing systems has been adopted by not only our military and defense industries, but also NASA, automotive, and many other commercial industries as well.  

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IMAC 2018

Oh my! We now have both EMA and OMA!

Crystal Instruments is routinely a proud supporter of IMAC and 2018 proved to be no different. IMAC XXXVI had a broader focus in topics with the tagline being “It’s not just modal anymore.” The conference took on a note of more general-purpose data acquisition while still maintaining a strong academic focus on the modal analysis principles. The 2018 conference saw more topics including shock, and non-linear mechanics.

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Small Sat Symposium 2018

Small satellites have gained popularity because of their miniature size and their multitude of data acquisition techniques. With a current market value close to $9 billion in manufacturing as well as an average growth of over 12%, the Small Satellite industry is one of the fastest growing and lucrative sectors of technology.

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Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM)

Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) by Crystal Instruments is designed for the remote monitoring of equipment or structures that are inaccessible to configure within a local network. Common applications and examples of remote condition monitoring include the monitoring of vibrations during the transportation of equipment, monitoring vibrations on bridges and structures close to rails or roadways, and monitoring vibrations caused by rotating windmills on the ground.

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Introducing EDM Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) Feature

In the recent EDM 7.0 release, Crystal Instruments introduced Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) in EDM software as a new feature. The EDM MSC function enables users to view and monitor multiple shaker tests from one PC station. The user can observe the testing status, view individual signals from different shaker systems, and send commands to each controller from one centralized application. The MSC feature is especially useful for production applications, increasing efficiency and simplifying control processes. Up to 12 controllers can be accessed simultaneously.

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Announcing Crystal Instruments’ Italy Distributor: Belotti Sistemi S.r.l.

Crystal Instruments (CI), a leading manufacturer of vibration testing, condition monitoring, and data acquisition solutions, is proud to announce the selection of a new distributor for our products in Italy.

Belotti Sistemi located in Peschiera Borromeo, Italy, in close proximity to Milano, Belotti is a historic Italian group with a market history dating over 110 years old.

Belotti’s sister company, Centrotecnica, offers complementary solutions. Together, both companies provide a 360º service for vibration analysis, shock analysis, and more. They are considered an authority in the world of vibration and testing for the Italian and European markets.

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14 New Desktop Icons Introduced for EDM 7.0 Release

In the next few days, we will launch the largest software release in Crystal Instruments’ company history: the EDM 7.0 software release. After spending over 10 months in development, including major software restructuring, bug fixes and feature enhancements, we are proud to unveil a grand new look for our EDM software.

In EDM 7.0, users can now run multiple EDM applications in parallel on the same computer. For example, while one EDM instance is activated to run a 64 channel Spider controller, another EDM instance can run in dynamic analyzer mode to acquire real-time data using the Spider-20, while a third instance can be activated to conduct post analysis. Running multiple instances of EDM on one PC will allow users to conduct sophisticated tests with greater efficiency.

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