Continuous Monitoring Solutions


Smooth running process machinery buoys and maintains the world’s economy. Products ranging from gasoline and chemicals to paper and steel are produced by continuous manufacturing processes. Nuclear, coal-fired, natural gas fueled, hydroelectric, wind-powered or tidal-driven power generation plants must produce energy continuously. Unexpected stoppages are anathema to all these industries and vibration monitoring is a proven means of preventing them.

Effectively monitoring the operating health and rapidly diagnosing the occasional mechanical woes of production machines is a vital survival mission in today’s competitive business world. Today’s monitoring technology has divided to follow two equally important strategic paths. Expensive plants and critical machines are continuously monitored by permanently installed systems. Less critical machines (and plants monitored by external contractors) are protected by routed periodic measurements made using handheld data collector/analyzers guided by advanced database and analysis software. Crystal Instruments produces innovative offerings in support of both strategies.

Web-Based Continuous Monitoring Solutions

  • Continuous measurement of shaft-to-case gaps
  • Continuous measurement of case accelerations
  • Track bearing temperatures, lubricant debris
  • Share data anywhere, anytime via Internet
  • Local recording to solid-state mass memory
  • Automatic record-on-alarm operation