Single-Input Multiple-Output (SIMO) Stepped Sine Testing

EDM Modal SIMO Stepped Sine Testing includes a dedicated test setup and operation process flow using a single shaker outputting a sine wave to acquire FRF signals. The Source Output type is either Swept sine or Stepped sine. The sweep or step mode can be linear or logarithmic. The FRF signals of each measurement DOFs with respect to defined reference channel will be constructed. The output drive level can be defined to operate the test in an open loop, or the response of a control channel can be specified to operate the test in a closed loop.

SIMO Stepped Sine.png

The modal analysis process is seamlessly integrated with SIMO Sine Swept Sine testing.


  • Ease of use testing process

  • Point/direction auto/manual increment

  • One sine excitation with single tone (reference)

  • Specify source output level; or control the amplitude of one input channel

  • Linear, Logarithmic sweep mode

  • Filter, RMS, Mean or Peak for measurement strategy

  • Fixed or proportional tracking filter, with user defined bandwidth

  • User defined Start/end frequency; Number of points; Delta F (or Points/Oct); Transition speed