Crystal Instruments' Engineering Data Management (EDM) software is included with each system. EDM provides a common user interface for both Vibration Control System (VCS) and Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) applications. A single interface with the same look and feel means that test specifications can be transferred from engineering to production without change or error and test data can be compared directly between one system and another. EDM provides a consistent user interface regardless of the application and independent of the number of hardware channels.

Vibration Control Software

The Crystal Instruments vibration control system (VCS) software is designed for a wide range of vibration and shock testing customers. The same software suites support from as few as two inputs up to 128 input channels with multiple drive output capability.

Handheld Dynamic Signal Analysis Software CoCo-80X and CoCo-90

The CoCo series of handheld dynamic signal analyzers provides users with the flexibility to create a dynamic signal analysis solution according to their needs. Portability, remote monitoring, and pre-loaded operations are all possible with Crystal Instruments’ DSA solutions.

High Channel Dynamic Signal Analysis Software

The Spider-80X high channel count measurement system  provides users with the flexibility to create a dynamic signal analysis solution according to their needs. Scalability, remote monitoring, and preloaded operations are all possible with Crystal Instruments’ DSA solutions.

EDM Post Analyzer Software

The Post Analyzer application is used for the post-processing of previously recorded time stream data. Post processing includes data conditioning, Fourier transform operations, and specialized analyses such as order tracking and octave analysis.

Cloud Based Remote Monitoring Software

EDM Cloud software is a remote monitoring solution, allowing users to access instruments and data online. Users are able to create remote monitoring systems.

Application Programming Interface

The Spider-80X API is an application programming interface, a powerful tool for scientists and engineers to develop custom application that interface directly with Crystal Instruments' test equipment hardware.

ME'scope Bundle for Spider-80X Dynamic Measurement System

ME'scopeVES by Vibrant Technology supports the Spider-80X dynamic measurement system. The Spider-80X system integrates with direct data acquisition functionality, or ME'scope.

App for Vibration Testing on iPad

Crystal Instruments EDM App is available for users to run vibration tests from their iPad. Purchasers of the Spider-81 vibration controller are able to download this app for free.

Route Based Vibration Data Collector

The CoCo hardware platform supports two different software working modes: Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) and Vibration Data Collector (VDC). Each working mode has its own user interface and navigation structure. DSA mode is designed for mechanical structure analysis, testing and optimization, electrical, geophysics, and a wide range of other applications. VDC mode is dedicated to route-based machine condition monitoring, vibration data collection, and trending.