Power System Stabilizer Test and Measurement

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Power system stabilizer testing consists mainly of frequency analysis of power generator systems. The CoCo-80X can be used to evaluate the performance and stability of power generator systems. By determining the phase-frequency characteristics of the excitation control system, the PSS can be tuned to improve small-signal stability.

PSS tunings must be performed whenever an excitation system is put into operation or periodically during system operation. The PSS tuning process involves several FRF measurements:

  • Establish inter-area modes of oscillation

  • Establish local modes of oscillation

  • Measure frequency response of PSS

  • Verify local mode damping has improved

PSS Tuning Process.png

Standard PSS tests measure parameters such as active power, reactive power, and generator terminal voltage fluctuation. The CoCo-80X now supports a new software application dedicated to power system stabilizer measurements.

PSS Graph.png

Key Features:

  • Measure and optionally record 1 to 4 analog dynamic response channels simultaneously

  • Acquire, display, and save FFT measurements (including FRF and coherence)

  • Generate test signal output

  • Generate PSS reports

PSS Graph 2.png

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