The Spider-80X series features a high dynamic range of 150 dBFS. Multiple front-ends are connected together to form a high channel count system. The Spider-80X series works both as a vibration controller system and as a dynamic signal analyzer.

The Spider-81 vibration controllers are the fourth generation of shaker control systems. Each front-end is able to operate independently in Black Box mode or tethered to a computer (PC-tethered).

The CoCo series feature handheld, portable dynamic signal analyzers and vibration data collectors. Used for acoustic analysis, machine condition monitoring, rotor balancing, and more.

Crystal Instruments is dedicated to the innovation of testing equipment and solutions. Founded in 1996, Crystal Instruments is a leading manufacturer of equipment for condition monitoring, dynamic signal analysis, and vibration test control. Crystal Instruments is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the center of Silicon Valley.