Automotive Testing Show and Expo 2017 - England

The iconic London taxi; have you ever wondered where and how it was built? Just a hop, skip and three train rides away from London is the town of Coventry, a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands of England. Motor companies from Coventry have made significant contributions to the British auto industry since 1896. It was the home of companies like Rover, a direct ancestor of present day Land Rover and Jaguar. Triumph and Daimler motorcycles are included as well. The modest yet distinct black taxi cab manufactured by LTI in Coventry is a historic engineering marvel featured in trendy and contemporary London, charming locals and tourists alike.

London Cab.png

Given their immense automotive history, our expo partner, Automakermedia took the opportunity to hold the Automotive Testing Show and Expo in Coventry this year. Crystal Instruments attended the show with our UK distributor, THP Systems Limited. Crystal Instruments demonstrated the multi-functional capabilities of the Spider-80X controller/analyzer in addition to an introductory demonstration of the new EDM Modal Software.

THP Systems Auto Test Expo.jpg
CI Spider-80X System.png

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