Astro Digital - Vibration Testing

Small satellites, more commonly known as CubeSats, have gained popularity because of their miniature size and their data acquisition techniques. These satellites are being launched at a record pace and have roped big players into this aerospace segment. Astro Digital is a company that risen to the challenge of land mapping and hazard detection using CubeSats.

Astro Digital has been creating APIs and CubeSats for geological mapping, natural disaster management, forest management, water cover sensing, etc. Sentek Dynamics is proud to have a hand in their projects.

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Modal Testing Preparation Considerations

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) is an important tool that is applicable for many structural vibration analysis situations. Fundamental aspects of performing a successful modal analysis include preparation, FRF data acquisition, modal parameter identification, and modal model verification.

In this technical note, the emphasis is to discuss the necessary technical details regarding the preparation of a successful modal test to acquire a set of FRF signals.

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Test 2017 Japan (Japan Testing Technology Show)

Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics partnered together in Tokyo, Japan at the Test 2017 show on September 13 - 15, 2017.

Crystal Instruments featured innovative new testing solutions:

  • EDM Modal - Complete Modal Testing & Analysis Software Suite
  • CoCo-80X - Handheld Touchscreen Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • Spider-80Xi - Compact & Modular Dynamic Measurement System (scales up to 512 channels)

Sentek Dynamics offered turn-key solutions and environmental testing systems:

  • Electrodynamic Shakers - Low, medium, high, and extra high force shakers available. Three axis, permanent magnet, long stroke, and high performance shakers also available.
  • THV Environmental Test Systems - combines three testing environments (temperature, humidity and vibration) in one chamber.
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Streamlined & Efficient Process of Viewing Signals Acquired in Vibration Tests

Engineering Data Management (EDM) is the software platform supporting all Crystal Instruments products. It is the center of testing and data management for carrying out daily operations. Crystal Instruments is expending relentless efforts to provide the best user experience possible.

Test configurations always involve a large quantity of parameters to setup. In addition, many signals and run logs are saved after each test run. To organize such a large quantity of information and to increase efficiency in the process, EDM is powered by a database structure supporting all types of libraries. EDM software keeps run histories of all tests, which can be searched in a single list. Signals are easily reviewed and compared.

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Crystal Instruments Data Transfer Tool

Crystal instruments created the Data Transfer Tool to provide an easy method for transferring data between different PCs or databases. This standalone tool greatly simplifies the entire process by guiding the user through a simple interface. The setup wizard also provides an intuitive interface for monitoring the transfer process.

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Automotive Testing Show and Expo 2017 - England

The iconic London taxi; have you ever wondered where and how it was built? Just a hop, skip and three train rides away from London is the town of Coventry, a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands of England. Motor companies from Coventry have made significant contributions to the British auto industry since 1896. It was the home of companies like Rover, a direct ancestor of present day Land Rover and Jaguar. Triumph and Daimler motorcycles are included as well. The modest yet distinct black taxi cab manufactured by LTI in Coventry is a historic engineering marvel featured in trendy and contemporary London, charming locals and tourists alike.

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