Crystal Instruments Data Transfer Tool

Crystal instruments created the Data Transfer Tool to provide an easy method for transferring data between different PCs or databases. This standalone tool greatly simplifies the entire process by guiding the user through a simple interface. The setup wizard also provides an intuitive interface for monitoring the transfer process.

EDM Data Transfer Tool.png

In addition to transferring test files and databases, the Data Transfer Tool can duplicate the entire testing environment. Since users no longer need to reconfigure their testing environment, it takes very little time to switch between testing workstations.

Choose Files and Destination
The Data Transfer Tool requires very minimal input, so the chance for error is greatly reduced. Users only need to choose which files to transfer and their intended destination. There is no need to worry about managing test files – the Data Transfer Tool ensures no test files will be misplaced. This intuitive setup wizard provides a reliable transfer process for all users.

Sender/Receiver Mode
The wizard provides very clear instructions to users about how their files are being handled. The Data Transfer tool operates in either “sender” or “receiver” mode when transferring data between two PCs. This structure of “operating modes” is intuitive for understanding the file-transfer structure. When two systems are configured for a file transfer, there is no question about how the files are being managed. This intuitive interface is easily understood and used by customers of all levels.

EDM Data Transfer Tool window.png