The CoCo series of handheld dynamic signal analyzers provides users with the flexibility to create a dynamic signal analysis solution according to their needs. Portability, remote monitoring, and pre-loaded operations are all possible with Crystal Instruments’ DSA solutions.

Data Recorder (CoCo-80X/90)
Max Data Recording Rate: 102.4 kHz, 8 channels simultaneously
Real-Time Spectral Bandwidth: 46 kHz
Real-Time Frequency Response + Recording Rate: 1 excitation plus 7 response inputs with sampling rate up to 102.4 kHz when streaming recording is disabled; up to 64 kHz when streaming recording is enabled.

Order Tracking (CoCo-80X/90)
Raw time streams, real-time order tracks and order spectra, narrow band RPM spectra and fixed band RPM spectra, overall RPM spectrum, and order tracks with phase relative to tachometer signals can all be measured.

Octave Analysis (CoCo-80X/90)
The CoCo has strong capabilities to compute octave analysis with real-time filters. Octave band filters are designed in accordance to ANSI S1.11 and IEC 61260 specifications.

Frequency Response Function (FRF for CoCo-80X/90) 
By utilizing the FFT technique, FRF with phase and coherence can be computed using various excitation sources, including white or pink noise. FRF can also be computed using triggered transient capture and average.

Acquisition Mode (CoCo-80X/90)
Trigger Setup Display: A special display view is created for trigger setup. The user selects the acquisition mode, trigger source, trigger level, trigger delay and trigger condition. The arrow buttons serve one of three functions: window scaling, window moving, and trigger threshold position change. Trigger delay is operated by the left-right buttons. 

Sound Level Meter.png

Sound Level Meter (CoCo-80X/90)
Various sound level meter (SLM) measurements can be calculated according to the IEC and ISO standards. This function calculates time-weighted and time-averaged sound levels, in addition to peak sound level and sound exposure level.”

Zoom Analysis (CoCo-80X/90)
With ZOOM spectrum analysis, the user can achieve a very high frequency resolution without computing the entire spectrum. The CoCo computes the FRF, coherence, auto power spectra and phase spectra within a user-defined ZOOM frequency band.

Vibration Intensity (CoCo-80X/90)
Vibration Intensity provides analysis on 3 channels for various measurement types. Vibration Intensity includes the following measurement types: Whole Body Vibration, Hand-Arm Vibration, Building Vibration, and Ship Cabin Vibration.

* The CoCo-90 supports only Whole Body Vibration. The CoCo-80X supports all 4 measurement types

Shock Response Spectrum Analysis (CoCo-80X/90)
Compute Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) for all channels up to 12 octave ranges using maxi-max, maximum negative, and maximum positive analysis techniques.

Limit test.png

Limit Test (CoCo-80X/90)
The automated limit test allows engineers and technicians to set up a pass/fail measurement on any measured signal. This feature automates the process of determining whether an acquired signal meets, or is within, a given set of criteria.

Real Digital Filters.png

Real Time Digital Filters (CoCo-80X/90)
Real Time Digital Filters is a powerful analysis tool that can be used to filter a measured signal in real time and then apply the FFT. The filter definition is performed in the EDM software and then downloaded to the CoCo.