Spider-80M MIMO Vibration Controller

(Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Vibration Control)

Spider-80M chassis contains up to 64 channels

Spider-80M chassis contains up to 64 channels

Based on Spider-80Xi Architecture

The Spider-80M platform is based on the efficient Spider-80Xi architecture and is dedicated to MIMO VCS control and MIMO structural testing applications. Each Spider-80M chassis features 8 outputs capable of carrying out 6-degree of freedom MIMO testing. One Spider-80M chassis and multiple Spider-80Xi chassis can chain together to form a very large system with up to 504 input channels.

Expand Channel Count

In a Spider-80M hardware chassis a master module with 8-inputs and 8-outputs will always be installed. This master module takes the space of two slots of Spider-80Xi module in the S80M-A35-8N chassis. Up to 6 additional Spider-80Xi front-end modules can be inserted to form a system with 8 outputs and up to 56 inputs.

The Spider-80M chassis can combine with multiple Spider-80Xi chassis to form a system with up to 504 input channels, all sampled simultaneously. Accurate time synchronization results in excellent phase match in the frequency domain between all channels, either on the same Spider front-end or across different front-ends. Channel phase match, even between separate Spider front-ends, is within 1.0 degree at 20 kHz which is suitable for high quality structural and acoustics applications requiring cross channel measurement.

Mass Storage

A high-performance removable 2.5-inch solid-state drive is used as storage media. When recorded, data will be written to the NTFS file system. Data is extracted from the Spider-NAS using Crystal Instruments software to transfer data to the PC. Alternatively, the solid-state drive can be physically removed and connected to extract data to the PC.

When it is shipped, a 250 GB solid-state drive is installed internally. The solid-state drive performs very well in the high shock and vibration environment. A special error-checking algorithm developed by Crystal Instruments detects and avoids any errors that may occur in the data transfer and storage.

Time Synchronization

Through the Ethernet connection, multiple Spider-80Xi or Spider-80M chassis can be synchronized through the IEEE 1588v2 protocol. The synchronization accuracy is within nanoseconds when a specified network switch is used. The data acquired by all the measurement channels will be on the same time base. Phase match between channels across different Spider front-ends is within nanoseconds.

Software Features:

Product Specifications:

  • Input Channel Specifications

    • Number of Input Channels per Chassis: 16, 24, 32, 48 or 56 when ordered with S80M-A35-8N; This is only factory configurable.

    • Maximum Input Channels per Spider-80M System: 504

    • Connector Type: isolated BNC

    • TEDS: IEEE 1451.4 compliant

    • Coupling: AC, DC, IEPE (ICP®)

    • Input Dynamic Range: 160 dBFS

    • Channel Phase Match: < ±1.0 degree up to 20 kHz across the whole system

  • Output Channel Specifications

    • Number of Channels: 8 channels per chassis

    • Connector Type: BNC

    • D/A Resolution: 24-bits

    • Sampling Rate: up to 102.4 kHz per channel, synchronized with input channels

  • Spider-80M Chassis

    • Size: 278.4 X 257 X 304 mm (W x H x L)

    • Total Weight: 12 kg with 56 channels configured

    • The chassis S80M-A35-8N can host:

      • 1 Spider-80M module

      • Up to 6 Spider-80Xi front-end modules

      • Spider-NASi

      • 1 Spider-H

Download More Information:

The Front-ends of the Spider-80Xi and Spider-80M Platform
Front-end Types Spider-80Xi Spider-80Hi Spider-80Ci Spider-80SGi Spider-80Ti
Max Sampling Rate 102.4 kHz 204.8 kHz 204.8 kHz 102.4 kHz 2 kHz
Number of Inputs Per Front-end 8 8 8 8 16
Connector Type BNC BNC BNC LEMO 3-pin screwed
Input Type IEPE
Strain gage
Strain gage-based
DC-based sensors
3-wire RTD
K type
Input Coupling AC Differential
DC Differential
AC Single-ended
DC Single-ended
AC Differential
DC Differential
AC Single-ended
DC Single-ended
AC Single-ended
DC Single-ended
AC Differential
DC Differential
Sensor Excitation 4.2 mA at 21 V for
4.2 mA at 21 V for
4.2 mA at 21V for
2.5V, 5V, 10V -------
Strain Gage Type ------- ------- ------- Quarter Bridge Type I, II
Half Bridge Type I, II
Full Bridge Type I, II
Excitation voltage: ±2.5,
Max Input Range ±20Vpk ±20Vpk ±20Vpk ±10V -------
Input Protection Voltage ±220V ±220V ±220V ±40V -------
Analog to Digital Converter per Channel Dual 24-bit ADC Dual 24-bit ADC Dual 24-bit ADC 24-bit ADC -------
Cross Talk < -100 dB < -100 dB < -100 dB < -130 dB -------
Amplitude Accuracy ±0.1% at 1kHz 1V ±0.1% at 1kHz 1V ±0.1% at 1kHz 1V ±0.1% -------
Phase Match within nanoseconds within nanoseconds within nanoseconds within nanoseconds -------