Battery Testing of Electric Vehicles

The global demand for electric vehicles has increased the need for battery testing. Batteries must be tested to withstand the harsh conditions resulting from shipping and everyday usage to ensure their safe operation. Environmental hazards can range from extreme temperatures to repeated shocks and vibrations resulting from transportation.

Testing the batteries includes a combination of electrical, vibration and environmental tests. Performing these tests simultaneously would better simulate the conditions electric vehicles typically operate in to ensure safety for the drivers.

The Spider platform of products provides one integrated software interface to perform combined vibration and environmental tests while monitoring CAN bus information through one system.

Users can add CAN bus to their Spider system to monitor received data and display data through EDM software. EDM monitors the real-time battery information received from CAN bus and applies a threshold. When the threshold is exceeded, EDM will stop the test or execute pre-defined actions (e.g. send email to the operator or DIO message) to automate safety reactions that were pre-determined by the tester.

The combination of features in addition to the flexibility in using multiple Spider products together not only accurately mimics the environment of electric vehicles, but also provides battery condition monitoring and automatic reactions to ensure the testing safety and frees the tester from continuous monitoring. The overall and integrated solution makes the Spider system the best choice for performing battery tests.

Crystal Instruments offers the following battery testing solutions:

Standards for Battery Testing of Electric Vehicles
IEC 62133 Safety Requirements for Portable Sealed Secondary Cells and Batteries Made from them
SAE J2464 Electric Vehicle Battery Abuse Testing
UL 2054 Testing & Certification for Battery Packs
UL 2202 Standard for Safety Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment
UL 2231-2 Standard for Safety Personnel Protection Systems for Electric Vehicle (EV) Supply Circuits: Particular Requirements for Protection Devices for Use in Charging Systems
UN 38.3 Transport of dangerous goods
ISO 12405-1 Lithium-ion traction battery packs & systems
SAE J2380 Durability testing of single batteries
GMW16390 General Motors manufacturer standard