Automotive applications span a broad range of technology from design through product quality auditing. Manufacturers are under enormous competitive pressure to provide increasingly improved quality, safety, mileage, luxury, and economy. This places a heavy burden on automotive NVH Engineers to accomplish more, faster. Fast-paced development cycles in the modern car, truck, and coach industry demand the use of functionally flexible measurement equipment with friendly intuitive operation to unravel the dynamic and acoustic mysteries of the modern vehicle.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • In-vehicle data recording and analysis

  • Dynamometer testing and chassis tuning

  • Drive-line balance and stability tests

  • Component and body-in-white modal tests

  • Pass-by acoustic monitoring

  • NVH and whole body vibration

Vibration Control

  • Component shake tests with road-recorded loads

  • Material and component fatigue evaluations

  • Component durability testing

  • Transport simulation, time waveform replication

  • Finite element model verification

  • Multi-drive with multi-shaker test