Transient Random Control

Transient Random outputs random shock which significantly simulates the real natural environmental shock. It applies a chain of shock pulses with random nature to the shaker. The target profile power spectrum is defined in a same way as Random control, with the addition of defining transient pulse interval. Application includes simulation gunfire or road simulation. This function requires hardware v.7.x and above and supports up to 512 input channels.

Test Parameters
In the Test Configuration window, the Test Parameters section has settings for the main analysis parameters, safety abort sensitivity, and control strategy of the transient random test.

Figure 1. Test Parameters

Figure 1. Test Parameters


Non-Acceleration Control
Industry based applications, such as Force-Limiting, require control in non-acceleration quantities. Non-acceleration Control allows the user to control in less common situations, such as rotary shaker systems or when controlling displacement or velocity of testing object.

To select the non-acceleration control, go to Setup->Input Channels->Non-acceleration control tab on EDM interface. The button for non-acceleration control mode selection is marked with red in below picture.


Figure 2. Non-acceleration Control

For Transient Random tests, the following options are available,

Control in linear acceleration: This is the most commonly used and set by default. It allows the control in acceleration quantity. The target profile will be set to acceleration.

Control in any non-acceleration unit: This mode gives user options to choose from various industry standards measurement quantities to be used as controlling quantity. The most common used quantities are force, displacement and velocity. The profile is defined in the same quantity as selected using dropdown menu shown in figure below. The channel table automatically switches input measurement quantity to the quantity selected from dropdown menu. The tests in this mode do not apply shaker limits so user needs to define profile carefully to ensure safe operation.