Correlation Analysis

EDM Modal Correlation Analysis allows the user to correlate two modal models; EMA and/or FEA models. Comparing the experimental data with that acquired through finite element analysis helps in validating the test results. Users can import the geometry model and mode shape data from FEA or EMA software. A modal mapping procedure is executed to match the EMA and FEA models. After this matching procedure, the new mode shape information from FEA is interpolated and the FEA modal parameters are displayed alongside with EMA results. Finally, to observe the correlation between the results from the two methods, a Cross-MAC matrix is calculated and shown.

Correlation GIF.gif


  • Import Model: .xml, .unv, .nas

  • Import Mode Shape: .unv

  • Model mapping: Manually pair 3 points from each model (or more), Auto-Match

  • Cross-MAC calculation and display

  • Animation Comparison: Left/Right, Upper/Lower