EDM Modal Geometry/ODS/Animation is the primary EDM Modal software module, and is required for every EDM Modal system. This option provides fast and efficient structural model generation and full 3D visualization of test and analysis results.

Geometry Image.jpg

The base elements (points, lines, and surfaces) can be added/deleted graphically, or through typed Model Editor entry. Components can be specified for each part of the structure. Each component can have its own origin, as well as its directions and Euler angles. The basic component library includes: line, plane, cube, cylinder, sphere and Circle. Any of these can be added to the geometry model by specifying origin, direction, dimensions, and the number of cells of the component.


The geometry model can be saved and later recalled by other tests. Also, the model can be cleared when the user wants to start over with a new geometry model for the structure under current test. Several types of format from 3rd party applications are supported for geometry model import. The Universal File Format (UFF) format of point and line models is widely used, and may be imported to EDM Modal Geometry.

One of the most-used features of EDM Geometry is mode shape animation. Several types can be selected, such as ‘point and arrow’, wireframe, or surface contour. The animation’s view mode can be set to single Perspective View or Quad-view (Perspective/Top/Side/Front). One cycle of the mode’s animation can be saved to an .avi file.


  • Basic elements: point, line, surface; editing graphically or through editor table entry

  • Coordinate system: Cartesian, Cylindrical, Spherical

  • Component entry: origin, direction (Euler angle)

  • Built in component library: line, plane, cube, sphere, cylinder and circle

  • Geometry model save/open/clear

  • Geometry model import: UFF (.unv), CAD (.dxf, .stl, .obj, .3ds), Nastran (.nas), and .xml

  • Imported geometry model decimation

  • Geometry model display: point, line, surface; point directions, point number; surface norm; origin

  • Geometry view: Perspective, Quad (perspective, Top, Side, Front)

Operational Deflection Shape

EDM Modal Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) is a feature that allows users to better visualize the deformation of the structure under test. Time domain data and spectrum data can be animated using the animation feature of the geometry model. It is an integrated feature with the Geometry and works for all types of EDM Modal testing.

The database structure of EDM makes it very easy to navigate and select data. The selected data set can be animated using the geometry model. The vibration pattern, either in time domain, or frequency domain, can be saved to .avi video files, too.

ODS GIF (8 to 38).gif


  • Data management of time domain and frequency domain

  • Supported time data: block, recorded time data

  • Animation of 3D geometry model with frame or contour

  • Animation equation editor and animation with interpolation

  • Animation amplitude control

  • Animation video file saving