MIMO TWR Control

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Time Waveform Replication (TWR) is a popular method to use when reproducing field recorded data on a multiple shaker table in the lab. With MIMO TWR control, a time waveform profile containing multiple channels of data can be imported, pre-processed (such as bandpass filtered, etc.), and selected as a control profile.

Each channel of time waveform in the profile has the same sample rate and length. MIMO TWR control is carried out based on block by block of data. There are two control algorithms to select from. One control algorithm keeps the system FRF matrix measured from the pretest stage while updating the drive to correct errors from one block to the next. The other control algorithm updates the system FRF Matrix online as the test operates.



  • Ease of use testing process

  • Supports up to 8 output channels

  • Shaker configuration with user defined drive DOF and shaker

  • Control strategy of reference/FRF, or real time

  • User defined H update rate (with real time control strategy)

  • User defined low pass filter

  • User selected ramp-up ramp-down rate

  • Run pretest or use saved FRF

  • Pretest with uniform or shaped random, user defined no. of average

  • Profile addition/removal/uploading/downloading

  • Run schedule with user selected profile, level, and repeat times

  • Safety check of open loop channel, RMS abort, alarm/abort, max drive, etc.

  • Default report, fully customizable report