MIMO Random Control

MIMO random control is one of the more commonly used multiple shaker control methods, which provides precise control in real time. The device under test is subjected to true random noise with a precisely shaped spectrum with Gaussian amplitude statistics. The recording option records time-stream data at the full sample rate on all input channels.

For MIMO random control, multiple random profiles are defined for each control channel. The relationship among these controls can be defined and controlled, or not. This results in different MIMO Random control modes: Magnitude only control, Mag and Phase control, and Advanced control.



  • Ease of use testing process

  • Supports up to 8 output channels

  • Shaker configuration with user defined drive DOF and shaker

  • User defined H update rate

  • Non-linear control to correct error

  • User selected ramp-up/ramp-down rate

  • Run pretest or use saved FRF

  • Pretest with uniform or shaped random, user specified average no.

  • Control mode of magnitude only, mag and phase, or advanced

  • Profile library, Import/Export

  • Run schedule with user defined level/duration, loop

  • Safety check of open loop channel, RMS abort, alarm/abort, max drive, etc.

  • Default report, fully customizable report