MIMO Sine Control

MIMO Sine control is another commonly used multiple shaker control method, it provides precise control in real time. This method controls multiple sine waves with a control dynamic range up to 100 dB. With MIMO Sine control, linear spectrum profiles of Mag, or Mag/Phase are defined and assigned to multiple control channels. With the sweep rate defined, the sine waveform in the time domain is determined.

Random signals are applied during pretest to identify the system FRF matrix. During control, the closed loop control will correct errors from all control channels. Tracking filters are most often used for control as well as measurement channels to calculate the sine signal amplitude and phase.




  • Ease of use testing process

  • Supports up to 8 output channels

  • Shaker configuration with user defined Drive DOF and shaker

  • User defined no. of signal plot points

  • User selected sweep type of Log or Linear

  • User selected measurement strategy of filter, RMS, mean, or peak

  • Filter type of proportional or fixed

  • User selected compression rate, ramp rate and abort ramp down rate

  • Run pretest or use saved FRF

  • Pretest with uniform or shaped random, user specified average no.

  • Control mode of magnitude only, mag and phase

  • Profile library, Import/Export

  • Run schedule with user defined left/right/start frequency, initial sweep direction, level, sweep speed, sweep no.

  • Safety check of open loop channel, RMS abort, alarm/abort, max drive, etc.

  • Default report, fully customizable report