Multi-Sine Test

The Multi-Sine test allows simultaneous sweeping of multiple independent sine tones across the desired frequency range up to 46 kHz. Compared to ordinary VCS swept sine, the multi-sine test greatly boosts testing efficiency for many long time sweep and dwell tests. Since components will have resonances at various frequencies, the swept sine is typically used to ensure the excitation of all resonances in the frequency range; but sweeping a sine tone across the entire frequency range can be extremely time-consuming.This new multi-sine feature involves use of multiple sine tones (up to 10) swept simultaneously across the frequency range to excite all resonances. The primary advantage of this technique is that it greatly reduces the time of test.

Multi-Sine Control enables multiple sine tones sweeping simultaneously and ensures that multiple resonant frequencies of the structure can be excited. With multiple sine tone excitation, the required time duration of sine testing can be reduced significantly. Independent tracking filers are applied to each tone separately.

  • Number of Sine Tones: up to 10 tones

  • Operation Controls: Tone On and Tone Off controlled by run schedule, or user commands

  • Number of Inputs: Supports up to 128 input channels

  • Not supported by Spider-81, 5.x hardware.