Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Shock Control

The EDM MIMO VCS software suite now includes MIMO Shock control testing in addition to MIMO Random control, MIMO Sine control and MIMO Time Waveform Replication control testing.  MIMO Shock control tests are used to measure the reliability and durability of an object under test.

The newly added MIMO Shock control is a type of multiple-shaker control testing, which provides precise, real-time, multi-channel control and analysis of classical shock waveforms in the time domain. The MIMO Shock control process is essentially a time-domain waveform replication process that uses an FFT based algorithm for correcting the test system dynamics.

A MIMO Shock test outputs a series of pulses to test the structure. The responses are measured at multiple locations on the structure and a spectral analysis is used to determine its frequency characteristics. The Fourier transform of the impulse response is the Frequency Response Function (FRF) of the system.

MIMO Shock.gif


  • Intuitive (easy-to-use) testing process

  • Supports up to 8 output channels

  • Shaker configuration with user defined drive DOF and shaker

  • User defined correction rate (0.0 – 1.0)

  • Run pretest or use saved FRF

  • Pretest with Uniform or Shaped Random, user specified average #

  • Profile Editor, includes “use one profile for all control channels” option

  • Classical Shock pulse type: Half-sine, Terminal or Initial-peak Saw tooth, Triangle, Rectangle, Trapezoid, or Haver-sine.

  • Tolerance: Mil STD 810G, 810H, STD202F, IEC 60068-2-27, etc.

  • Compensation: Pre-post, Pre, Post

  • Run Schedule with user defined level/pulses, loop

  • Safety check of open loop channel, RMS abort, alarm/abort, Max Drive, etc.

  • Default report, fully customizable report