Single-Input Multiple-Output (SIMO) FRF Testing

EDM Modal SIMO FRF Testing includes a dedicated test setup and operation process flow using a single shaker to acquire FRF signals. Using a large channel count data acquisition system (i.e., Spider- 80X or Spider-80Xi), this shaker excitation method provides much higher test execution efficiency for the FRF measurements and minimizes the crest factor of applied forces.

The Source Output type supports pure random (white noise), burst random, Chirp/Burst Chirp, pseudo random, and periodic random. For periodical random types (pseudo random and periodical random), the delay block and cyclic block numbers can be set for the purpose of bringing the structure to steady state response prior to each data acquisition. This will result in leakage-free measurements that do not require the use of a tapering window function. 


The modal analysis process is seamlessly integrated with the MIMO FRF testing.


  • Ease of use testing process

  • Point/direction auto/manual increment

  • One excitation (reference)

  • Source trigger mode for synchronized acquisition and source excitation

  • Random, burst random, pseudo random, period random, chirp/burst chirp output types

  • Delay block and cyclic block number setting for pseudo/periodic random

  • Scope tab to view channel data before measurement

  • H1, H2, H3 and Hv estimation