Automotive Testing Expo China 2017

Crystal Instruments was pleased to exhibit at the annual Automotive Testing Expo China in Shanghai, China from September 19 - 21, 2017. The international Automotive Testing Expos are ideal for previewing the latest developments in testing technologies used in the automotive production process.

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Testing Expo China 3.jpg

Crystal Instruments featured a range of testing solutions:

  • CoCo-80X - Handheld Touchscreen Dynamic Signal Analyzer (CAN-Bus & GPS available)
  • Spider-81 - Fourth Generation Vibration Controller (scales up to 512 channels)
  • Vibration Control Software - EDM VCS by Crystal Instruments
  • EDM Modal - Complete Modal Testing and Analysis Software Suite
  • Spider-80Xi - Compact & Modular Dynamic Measurement System (scales up to 512 channels)
  • Spider-20 - Wireless Dynamics Signal Analyzer

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