Announcing Crystal Instruments Europe

Jordi Gargallo, European Sales Manager (Crystal Instruments Europe)

Jordi Gargallo, European Sales Manager (Crystal Instruments Europe)

Crystal Instruments (CI) is pleased to announce the opening (effective November 2017) of its first European sales office. Crystal Instruments chose Barcelona, Spain as the European sales office location after considering its excellent business infrastructure and high quality facilities. These advantages, in addition to a cosmopolitan environment and access to hard working local and international talent, are greatly appreciated by Crystal Instruments.

European Sales Manager Jordi Gargallo worked in conjunction with Crystal Instruments' headquarters in Santa Clara, California to establish the location.  The intent of the European Sales Office, Jordi notes, is to “give Crystal Instruments a direct presence in Europe and to better serve our European customers.”

Crystal Instruments management believes that a brick and mortar establishment will lay the foundation for quick and localized support.  In this on-demand economy, CI views decreased turnaround times as an essential factor to staying competitive. This includes a variety of support functions, including the assistance of local resellers and customer training.

Crystal Instruments is highly committed to providing quality solutions for the European technology industry. Over the past several years, Crystal Instruments has worked hard to serve Europe’s testing needs through a variety of data acquisition and vibration control products.

With the opening of this new location, Crystal Instruments will now be able to interact with customers on local time. Crystal Instruments hopes this will increase its favor among customers with the goal of being the preferred solution provider for vibration control and data acquisition needs.