EDM Modal Operates on Spider System with Hundreds of Channels

EDM Modal is a complete Modal Testing and Modal Analysis suite for Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). It works on the verified Spider hardware systems, ranging from several channels up to hundreds of channels. EDM Modal is developed based upon the sophisticated technologies of modern modal analysis theory and technique. With its intuitive controls and powerful features, EDM Modal is the ultimate tool for modal analysis applications. An intuitive interface allows users to manage highly complicated tests that involving hundreds of measurement points and multiple excitations. This interface also allows for simple tests to be conducted quickly and with little effort. Regardless of how complicated the modal test is, EDM Modal provides exactly the right tools to achieve your goal.

The Hammer Impact test or Modal shaker test combines the process of testing stage and parameter identification stage seamlessly. With MIMO FRF testing using multiple modal shakers, the poly-reference Frequency Response Functions are measured. Besides the typical random and burst random excitation types, MIMO FRF testing equips with the specifically designed Periodic Random and Pseudo Random output types which yields high accuracy measurement results.

Modal parameter identification is at the heart of modal analysis. EDM Modal employs the right curve fitting methods for modal parameter identification. The Least-Squares Complex Exponential (LSCE) method is implemented for the pole (natural frequency and damping factor) identification of single-reference Frequency Response Function (FRF) cases. For multiple-reference (Multiple Input/ Multiple Output or MIMO) testing cases, the corresponding Poly-Reference Time Domain (PTD) method can be used. With the knowledge of the Modal Participation Factor (MPF) from multiple reference FRF data, closely-coupled modes can be isolated. For mode shape calculation, the renowned Poly-Reference Frequency Domain method (PFD) is used, which is very intuitive.

A powerful animation tool can be used to visualize the mode shapes of the device under test. The animation tool can also be used on the time domain or frequency domain data for operational deflection shape analysis.

No matter dealing with a simple structure modal survey or a comprehensive modal analysis project on a complex structure under test, EDM Modal is the right tool engineers must have.

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