Small Satellite Conference 2017 Recap (Logan, UT)

Small Satellite Conference.png

Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics highlighted products and solutions for environmental vibration testing at the recent Small Satellite Conference 2017 in Logan, Utah.   

The annual Small Satellite Conference provides a forum to review recent successes, explore new directions, and introduces emerging technologies.  The conference creates an excellent environment for networking and offers the opportunity to launch new, innovative, and low-cost technologies.   

We had a successful trade show at the exhibition with an impressive turnout of 2,550 participants, 1,100 pre-conference workshops, 350 students, 40 countries represented, 190 commercial exhibits, and 25 university exhibits. We attracted a lot of interest as we met with Smallsat design engineers and manufacturers.

Most satellites are tested on electro-dynamic shakers in each of three orthogonal directions. Satellites also undergo testing procedures in Thermal, Shock, Vacuum, and High-Altitude Testing chambers.

Credits: NASA

Credits: NASA

Smallsats range in mass from less than 2 lbs to 360 lbs, and are gaining in popularity.  Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics support these emerging industries with reliable products.  Our innovative vibration analysis test products assist the Mini-satellite, Micro-satellite, Nano-satellite, and Pico-satellite to be launched successfully in space.