14 New Desktop Icons Introduced for EDM 7.0 Release


In the next few days, we will launch the largest software release in Crystal Instruments’ company history: the EDM 7.0 software release. After spending over 10 months in development, including major software restructuring, bug fixes and feature enhancements, we are proud to unveil a grand new look for our EDM software.

In EDM 7.0, users can now run multiple EDM applications in parallel on the same computer. For example, while one EDM instance is activated to run a 64 channel Spider controller, another EDM instance can run in dynamic analyzer mode to acquire real-time data using the Spider-20, while a third instance can be activated to conduct post analysis. Running multiple instances of EDM on one PC will allow users to conduct sophisticated tests with greater efficiency.

In addition, several very significant and powerful functions are introduced in this release, including MIMO control, multi-shaker control, remote condition monitoring, and the vibration diagnostics system function.

In EDM 7.0, our designer created 14 desktop icons with identical crystal shapes while using different colors and font styling to denote the different applications. The jewel-like shape associates with the Crystal concept - tools that are clear, sharp and precise.

Soon after the EDM 7.0 software release, our product manager will explain the exciting new features in full detail. The following is a brief list:

EDM VCS Vibration Control System Icon
VCS: Vibration Control System. This application controls vibration shakers based on the Spider hardware platform. It can control either single axis or multi-axis shakers with phase control capability.

DSA: Dynamic Signal Analyzer mode. The application for real time FFT spectral analysis, recording, octave analysis, order tracking and more.

EMA: Experimental Modal Analysis. The EDM Modal package with MIMO testing capability.

RCM: Remote Condition Monitoring. With RCM, a Spider system can take measurements without connecting to a PC.

MSC: Multi-Shaker Control. With MSC, a dozen shakers are controlled from the same EDM application. MSC is different from MIMO Control in that MSC does not require phase matched control.

IP Config: IP Configuration Tool, a tool to configure the IP address of the Spider front-ends.

WE: Waveform Editor, a tool for editing waveforms that can be duplicated on a shaker.

CoCo DSA: EDM for CoCo Dynamic Signal Analyzer mode, companion software for the CoCo-80X.

TRANSFER: Data Transfer Tool, a utility program for transferring the data and settings from one computer to another.

FECT: Front-End Calibration Tool, a utility program for Front-End Calibration

PA: Post Analyzer, a post processing software program for recorded time data.

CoCo VDC: EDM for CoCo VDC mode, companion software for the CoCo-80x running in Vibration Data Collector mode.

VDS: Vibration Diagnostics System, a brand-new product with artificial intelligence technology for machine vibration analysis

M-Builder: Machine Builder, a utility companion program for VDS

Crystal Instruments had a fantastic year in 2017. Now, at the beginning of 2018, it is exciting to take off with these 14 new icons!