Updated "Scope of Business" statement by Crystal Instruments


This month, as part of a routine ISO 9001 audit process, we made a slight revision to Crystal Instruments’ “scope of business" statement. It now states:

The design, production, sales and servicing of hardware and software for machine vibration monitoring, dynamic measurement and environmental testing.

The first part of the statement, “design, production, sales and servicing”, covers all the typical activities of a business within the tech industry. We design the products from the circuit boards, FPGA code, firmware, algorithm, DSP software, and user interface software to the calibration tools. From start to finish, we develop and own the technology, so that it is expandable and upgradeable. We manufacture or sub-contract to manufacture the products in the USA. Instead of relying on any big-name brands to sell our products, we develop our own distribution channels. Furthermore, we strive to provide the best technical support and service after the sale has been made.

The second part of the statement, “hardware and software”, refers to the type of the products that we build. The instrumentation products integrate the know-hows of electronics, sensor and measurement technology, control theory, digital signal processing, structural testing and physics, environmental simulation, and the software programming technology at different layers from firmware to cloud service.

The last part of the statement, “machine vibration monitoring, dynamic measurement and environmental testing”, refers to the application domain. The CoCo and Spider instruments have been widely used in machine condition monitoring and diagnostics by taking and analyzing the vibration signals. In the testing lab, professionals use our products to conduct the measurement and control for vibration, shock, acoustic, pressure, temperature, humidity and other physical quantities. In the past three years, we have gradually expanded the products from vibration testing to combined testing. Following the trends of the industry, we have progressed from single quantity measurement and control to an integrated environment.

We are proud of the success that Crystal Instruments has accomplished in the past few years. One such reason is that we know what we are doing and where we are heading for future years to come.