Announcing DIRA representing Crystal Instruments (Data Acquisition Products) in Spain

Industrial vibration analysis is a measurement tool used to identify failures in rotating machinery. Implementing vibration analysis on the machines will improve their reliability, lead to increased machine efficiency, and reduce down-time by eliminating mechanical or electrical failures.

Vibration analysis programs are used throughout industries worldwide to identify faults in machinery, plan machinery repairs, and keep machinery functioning for as long as possible without failure.

About the CoCo-80X
The CoCo-80X is a new generation handheld data recorder and dynamic signal analyzer manufactured by Crystal Instruments. It is ideal for a wide range of industries as it provides quick, easy, and accurate data recording or analysis. The CoCo-80X is also a powerful real-time machine condition monitoring system.

The CoCo-80X is a rugged, lightweight, battery-powered handheld system with un-paralleled performance and accuracy. Combined with hard keys, the multi-point touch functionality touchscreen is designed for an intuitive user interface that provides a wide variety of analysis functions.

Crystal Instruments and Dira Serving the Spanish Territory
Dira is a Spanish company dedicated to offering digital solutions for predictive maintenance. Dira has been testing rotating machinery by operating the CoCo-80X in VDC (vibration data collector) mode with very successful results. Dira has confirmed that the CoCo-80X capabilities are sufficient in detecting mechanical failures such as: unbalance, misalignment, looseness, gear box defects, etc. The CoCo-80X has built-in electronic filters to envelope detect which are very useful to detect bearing failures in early stage.

The CoCo-80X VDC is ideal for a wide range of industries including petrochemical, paper, wood, steel and other metals, automotive, aviation, military and OEM`s. These industries demand quick, easy, and accurate data recording and analysis to make real-time decisions about their plant assets.

Dira highlights Crystal Instruments’ full support by Mr. Jordi Gargallo (European Sales Manager) and Trung-Duong Nguyen (Application Engineer) to install and to use the software. The customized support offered to the clients by Crystal and Dira is appreciated by the end users of this technology.

With Crystal Instruments’ full support and commitment, Dira will offer complete predictive maintenance solutions in combination with a high level of technical service oriented to the digital transformation of the plant maintenance.

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