Crystal Instruments International Sales Meeting - Europe

During the second week of April, Crystal Instruments hosted an International Sales Meeting for our European distributors. With 4 employees from CI, we had over 28 people in attendance in Barcelona, Spain. Our attendees consisted of our partners in Europe: Belotti Sistemi, Akron, Kvalitest, dBVib, ViaXys, ADM, DIRA, Alava Ingenieros, MotionTech, EmTEST, THP, AcSoft, VibroAkustik, Amtest – TM Kft., Kistler Eastern s.r.o., ProgramTeh, Sartorom, Ecspdm, and Dynamic-TM.

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The meeting was a success. Over just 3 days, we’ve covered a variety of all new and current products CI offers. We had a chance to introduce our biggest software release yet, EDM 7.0.  MIMO control and the live demonstration of our multi-axis shaker system took center stage as one of the highlights of the meeting.  Our new MIMO software and demo hardware setup attracted interest throughout the group.

Not to be outdone by the release of MIMO control, CI’s presentation on EDM Modal was also a big hit.  The EDM Modal software demonstration drew lots of excitement for its streamlined acquisition and analysis design.  For the first time in the history of modal analysis, data can be seamlessly collected and analyzed by one common software suite on one hardware platform.

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Overall the session ended with a series of excellent questions and suggestions for continued product enhancements. The meeting was seen by all who attended as a valuable training on both the technical and sales aspects of the CI product offering.  We thank all who made it possible and look forward to hosting another meeting again soon.