Distribution Agreement with company MotionTech for Israel

Crystal Instruments (CI) is proud to announce an agreement with MotionTech LTD (located in Moshav Ein Vered, Israel) for the distribution of our products in Israel.

MotionTech was established by experts from the test, experiment, and measurement world from the defense and military industries. MotionTech professionals have knowledge regarding high performance acquisition systems and vibration systems. They are highly experienced in consulting and preparing tailored solutions according the needs of the customer. MotionTech offers highly advanced technological solutions in the test, measurement, communications, security and defense industries. Applications covered include: drop test, automotive test, aerospace, shock and vibration, impact testing, etc,.

 With Crystal Instruments’ full support and commitment, MotionTech will offer a complete range of data acquisition systems and solutions (Spider-20/E, CoCo-80X, Spider-80X and Spider-80Xi for multi-channel count systems) and a full range of vibration controllers. MotionTech will also offer EDM Modal Analysis software, a complete Modal Testing and Modal Analysis suite for Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). EDM Modal software was developed based upon the sophisticated technologies of modern modal analysis theory and technique. With its intuitive controls and powerful features, EDM Modal is the ultimate tool for modal analysis applications. An intuitive interface allows users to manage highly complicated tests that can involve hundreds of measurement points and multiple excitations.

MotionTech may offer seminars and webinars in the future to provide customers with training regarding CI products while offering a high technical level of support.

MotionTech is your interface for Crystal Instruments solutions in Israel. You may share your inquiries with us and we will take care of the rest!

Website: http://www.en.motiontech.co.il/
Email: info@motiontech.co.il

Moshav Ein Vered
P.O Box 267, Israel
Tel: +972 9 9566466
Fax: +972 9 8658983

Contact Person:
Contact: Ohad Mitrani
Email: info@motiontech.co.il