Introducing EDM Cloud and Crystal Instruments Store

The future is here! Crystal Instruments’ newly released EDM Cloud service and enhancements to the online CI Store launch us into the current century and beyond; no end in sight to our innovative spirit.

CI Store.png
EDM Cloud.png

With EDM cloud, we have made it possible for customers to update the status information for any VCS or DSA test. With a subscription, users can upload live information during a test and store complete run logs of any test. Never worry about your overnight tests again!

Cloud Status.png

CI Store is a convenient web marketplace that is now available for customers seeking to purchase calibration licenses and tools. Users can instantly download the calibration license and FECT (Front-End Calibration Tool) software.

Licensing for Post Analyzer and the brand-new Vibration Diagnostic system can also be requested and managed through the CI Store portal.

CI Store Home.png

For more information about EDM Cloud or the CI Store, please visit the following websites or contact us directly at