2019 Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany (May 21-May 23, 2019)

Stuttgart 2019-3.jpg

Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics attended the 2019 Automotive Testing Expo held in Stuttgart, Germany. Every year all the main players in the automotive testing industry display their new products and technologies at this exhibition.

During the 2019 Automotive Testing Expo in Europe, visitors enjoyed the latest product launches and new innovations from over 480 exhibitors specializing in everything from NVH to data analysis.

Things were particularly interesting at the Crystal Instruments booth where we demonstrated our latest and greatest CoCo-80X handheld analyzer, which featured our new VDS (Vibration Diagnostic System) software alongside our well-known dynamic signal analysis system. Also featured at the booth was the powerful Spider-20 with a four-channel capacity, the Spider-80Xi system with high channel expansion capabilities up to 512 channels, and the complete EDM Modal software suite.

Our turnkey vibration system solutions for environmental testing purposes was also displayed at the booth, including Sentek Dynamic shakers, Crystal Instruments vibration controllers and a wide range of software packages serving the many different profiles required by the automotive industry.

For more information on how our equipment can help you with vibration data collection, dynamic signal analysis, and vibration testing, please contact sales@go-ci.com.