Electrifying Challenges for Road and Tyre Noise Conference - September 18. 2019


Crystal Instruments will be exhibiting at the Electrifying Challenges for Road and Tyre Noise Conference located at MIRA Technology Institute (MTI), UK on September 18, 2019.

Our products will be displayed in the AcSoft Ltd booth. AcSoft is Crystal Instruments’ partner in the UK representing our Dynamic Signal Analysis systems.

Road and Tyre noise presents a significant challenge to vehicle manufacturers, particularly with the electrification of vehicles.  This “Electrifying Challenges for Road and Tyre Noise” seminar offers an opportunity to discover and discuss recent novel experimental and analytical methods for understanding and controlling road noise transmission in vehicles, in addition to hearing case studies in the reduction of road noise both at the wheel and body of modern vehicles.

Visit http://e-i-s.org.uk/electrifying-challenges-for-road-and-tyre-noise-2/ for more information regarding the expo.