Spider-20 Remote Timer On/Off With Black Box Mode  

The Spider-20 is a compact yet powerful dynamic signal analyzer and digital data recorder. It provides four 24-bit precise high-fidelity input channels, and a unique software-selectable tachometer-input/signal-source output channel (all using conventional BNC connectors). Each input is individually programmable to accept AC or DC voltage or output from an IEPE (ICP) sensor with built-in electronics. 

In noise and vibration monitoring, it is often the case that an operator does not have access to the DAQ device or, there is a need for discreetness and the operator’s presence near a device hinders that covertness. For such instances, a device must operate on command remotely and when the test duration is lengthy, may require to turn off and on autonomously.

With EDM software release 6.0 Black Box Mode and Remote timer ON/OFF functionality of the Spider-20/20E, users are able to create a test, indicate when the unit needs to be turned on and off, and upload the test to Spider-20 unit. When the Spider-20 is in Black Box Mode, the schedule from the uploaded test will begin as soon as it is powered on. Measurements will function without the inference of an operator.

With the uploaded test, user can define for how long to record for or how often to save spectral signals in the Run Schedule. The test needs to be initiated with a quick click of the Run button for a brief moment. Also, user can specify when to turn on and off the unit using the timer settings, with a recurrence schedule to complete the setting.

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