Crystal Instruments Training at Danfoss

Crystal Instruments sent two Application Engineers, Remy Chan and Trung-Duong Nguyen, to Arkadelphia, AR to provide training for Danfoss. A group of 10 engineers from Danfoss received comprehensive, hands on training on how to use the handheld CoCo-80 Data Collector.

The CoCo-80 was an ideal choice as a portable vibration data collector for monitoring the health of the rotating machinery, specifically, HVAC equipment. The CoCo-80 weighs in at only 3.5 lbs, features an intuitive interface, and is rugged enough to operate in extreme conditions.

Topics covered included:

  • Basic CoCo Operation
  • Basic Theory of Data Collection
  • Modal Data Acquisition
  • Sampling Theory
  • Impact Test
  • Retrieving Data
  • Viewing Data

Training from Crystal Instruments is provided online, in person, and over the telephone. For more information:

Online Webinars
Premier Technology Service Agreement

I wanted to thank you for training Thursday…it was well presented and very thorough. Look forward to working together further. - Ben Majerus, Field Systems Engineering Manager at Danfoss