Welcome Trung-Duong Nguyen - Application Engineer


Crystal Instruments welcomes Trung-Duong Nguyen as our newest Application Engineer. Trung-Duong has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, focused on space system transportation, CFD. Trung-Duong is experienced in FEA analysis, vibration, and system engineering. His master project was about using the classical approach of dynamics to measure strain and stress on a wing both experimentally and theoretically. Trung-Duong’s most recent achievements are the completion of full FEA Analysis on an aircraft’s amplifier and designing an altitude chamber to simulate and test avionic modules at 20,000 ft. Trung-Duong is also a martial art instructor, and in his spare time, he explores and learn techniques of digital concept art. He has an active lifestyle and believes that every day must be well spent with progression.