Introducing New Software EDM 6.0

(Santa Clara, Calif. – June 6, 2016) Crystal Instruments introduces the latest Engineering Data Management software, EDM 6.0, which supports three new hardware releases, enables strain measurement in Vibration Control Solutions (VCS), and creates increased compatibility with diverse sensor types and measurement quantities. The new software also comes with a wide variety of customizable report functions as well as extensive bug fixes. 

The three new hardware front-ends supported by EDM 6.0 are  CoCo-80X, a handheld touchscreen dynamic signal analyzer, Spider-80Xi, a compact and lightweight high channel count measurement system, And Spider-20E, the Ethernet version of Spider-20, a wireless 18-ounce dynamic signal analyzer and digital data recorder. All three new hardware front-ends combine distinct portability with high functionality.  

A new VCS feature of EDM 6.0 is the ability to measure strain in vibration control mode through the Spider-80SG, which can be seamlessly synchronized as one system with the Spider running the vibration tests.  Another feature of VCS in EDM 6.0 is that notching may be enabled before the level reaches 100%. This is to guarantee that the spectrum will never exceed the range of the notch limit. Further, newly introduced Time Trace signals on a Sine RSTD test allows for valuable parameters, such as drive peak or control peak, to be traced and displayed over time for the duration of the test.

The Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) functions of EDM now support “Black Box” mode, which allows the Spider platform from Crystal Instruments to function as a stand-alone data recording system that does not require a separate computer. The Spider stops and starts recording in accordance to a pre-set run schedule which does not require constant user commands. 

In EDM 6.0, Post Analyzer comes as a standalone product, meaning no hardware purchase is required. Post Analyzer licenses are now handled by OLM (Online License Management)  which is a convenient way to purchase and manage license keys through the internet. 

Additional improvements include Windows 10 support, expanded foreign language options, and IP configuration automation for high-channel count systems. 

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