Crystal Instruments “CoCo” Dynamic Signal Analyzer Released with Advanced Connection Options, Large Touchscreen, Powerful Processor

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(Santa Clara, Calif. – March 12, 2016) – In response to industry demands for reliable vibration data collection and dynamic signal analysis with complex real-time processing, Crystal Instruments has developed the CoCo-80X. The instrument is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, a dual-core DaVinci series 1GHz processor, and a wide-range of connection options including CAN Bus, USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD card. CoCo-80X is also Wi-Fi and GPS enabled.

“The large screen allows for vivid full-color display of the signals acquired” said Justin Tang, Crystal Instruments VP of Engineering and chief hardware designer of the product. “No other data collector on the market offers the graphic display of signals at the resolution of the CoCo-80X. These signals can be viewed immediately on-site during the data collection process.”

Combined with hard keys, the multi-point touch functionality touchscreen is designed for an intuitive user interface that provides a wide variety of analysis functions. The CoCo-80X is equipped with 8 software-enabled input channels.

“The CoCo-80X builds on the success of the CoCo-80, released in 2007,” said James Zhuge, Crystal Instruments President and CEO. “The CoCo-80 was the first real-time dynamic signal analyzer and data recorder that matched the performance of high-end lab quality instrumentation in a compact form factor. We found that customers were very pleased with the acquisition capabilities of an instrument weighing under five pounds (1.96 kg). After almost 10 years of customer feedback and development we have a new product with many advanced features including the processor, Wi-Fi and GPS, and CAN-Bus targeted for the automotive industry.”

In addition to data acquisition and extensive FFT spectral analysis functions, CoCo-80X provides advanced real-time analysis functions including ZOOM spectra, file export, FIR and IIR digital filters, histogram, statistics, order tracking for rotating machinery, fractional octave analysis, sound level meters, rotor balancing, vibration intensity, modal data acquisition, automated test and limit checking, swept sine, shock response spectrum and route-based vibration data collector functions.

The CoCo-80X is designed to be a rugged, battery-powered  system to accommodate the requirements of a wide-range of industries including petrochemical, paper and metal manufacturing, automotive, aviation and aerospace, electronics and military. 

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