Post Process Data Acquired and GPS-stamped by the CoCo-80X

There are often instances where it may be beneficial to add location information to your acquired data. With the CoCo-80X, these GPS signals can be acquired simultaneously with other measurements -- there is no need to carry a separate GPS device. The CoCo-80X’s large LCD and touch-screen interface makes it easy to use the analyzer and acquire data. All measurements are combined into a single test file, so there’s no need to manage files.

The Post Analyzer software provides a convenient interface for the user to manage the analysis. The display offers a high level of configurability, allowing users to analyze their vibration data and their GPS data simultaneously. GPS data can be viewed in various display types, including longitude, latitude, velocity, altitude and drive distance. Signals can be viewed as analog displays or as time-domain signals, and they can be viewed together with other measurement signals.

Post Analyzer software is capable of displaying GPS data on a map while analyzing vibration data simultaneously. The GPS Track display shows a map view of the GPS signal with a red line to indicate the GPS location. The map view draws a trace of the GPS as it changes over time. This display is updated synchronously with the other signals.