CoCo-80X: Designed for Usability

Today’s engineering tools are the result of constant software development, but these developments aren’t always best for the end-user. Engineers who are heavily invested in their tools will be reluctant to switch to a new device. In a time where software is constantly changing, people don’t have the time to struggle with new software interfaces. Especially field technicians, whose job is to collect and analyze data, don’t like wasting time getting used to a new software interface. Their job is already complicated, and is only made worse with a complicated measurement device. If their tools are too complicated to use, engineers will look for a simpler solution.

This is one of the great advantages of the CoCo-80X – the minimalistic interface and simple controls are welcoming to users. The signal display conveys only the most necessary information, while advanced features are also immediately available through touchscreen controls and function keys. Users can quickly add or remove signals to any plot, and can also configure the X- and Y-axes via the touchscreen.

Figure       SEQ Figure \* ARABIC
   1      : Switching to a Numeric Display

Figure 1: Switching to a Numeric Display

The CoCo-80X’s most common and important features are immediately accessible through dedicated hotkeys. The analyzer’s primary setup menus can be accessed from any menu, so users can quickly navigate to any menu interface. These powerful and intuitive controls are what make the CoCo-80X such an appealing proposition.


Although new users will appreciate this level of accessibility, there are also many features tailored to experienced users. The CoCo-80X handles analysis functions through a system called Configurable Signal Analysis (CSA), which allows users to easily manage their analysis projects through a simple interface.  Since all settings are uniquely saved to individual projects, users only need to configure their project once. This means users can quickly pause and resume their tests without reconfiguring any parameters – which is a huge benefit for routine users.

The CoCo-80X is a powerful solution for many applications, but it’s the intuitive design and high level of accessibility that provide a truly unmatched experience. The CoCo-80X also boasts a hardware upgrade, which is immediately noticeable in the faster boot-up and zippy interface. These improvements have removed much of the friction involved in data acquisition, so technicians can spend less time acquiring data and more time analyzing data.