ATS (Automotive Testing Show) in Istanbul, Turkey from October 16-17, 2018


The Automotive Testing show was held in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey from October 16-17, 2018. The exhibition was located close to the main automotive cluster in Turkey, where key players in automotive industry are located. The Expo offered attendees several presentations a day on the exhibit floor from leading companies in the automotive industry. Crystal Instruments was able to participate and presented their latest innovations in vibration testing solutions.

On its fourth year, ATS brought significant industry players from the automotive industry in Turkey and from research institutes around the world. The Crystal Instruments booth generated interest and excitement with demonstrations of the handheld CoCo-80X (vibration data collector and dynamic signal analyzer), the powerful Spider-20 (with capacity for up to 4 channels), and a complete vibration testing system with a 20N Shaker and Spider-81 vibration controller.

Crystal Instruments solutions were also displayed at the emTEST booth (the distributor for Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics in Turkey), the gracious hosts of the first evening of the ATS expo on the sixteenth.

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