Automotive Testing Expo 2018 in Novi, Michigan

Crystal Instruments and Sentek Dynamics attended the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan.  This event is regarded as the world’s largest vehicle, component, validation technology, and services exhibition. The show featured more than 400 exhibitors and over 9,000 attendees.  It was an exciting dynamic to be a part of with many valuable interactions.   

Auto Test Novi.png

This year, Sentek Dynamics displayed a simultaneous 3-axis system featuring Crystal instruments flagship Spider-81 controller and MIMO vibration control software.  Also on display was Crystal Instruments high-channel count data acquisition system and their highly popular handheld Coco-80X.  Overall, the show was a success and a proven venue for Sentek Dynamics and Crystal Instruments to showcase products at in the future!

Auto Test Novi.jpg