Crystal Instruments Sales Meeting 2018 - Milwaukee, WI

During the final week of September, Crystal Instruments hosted a National Sales Meeting for our North American distributors. We had 21 attendees consisting of partners from: Sage Technologies, The Wonderful Company, Midwest Measurement Products, APM, TMS, Instrumentation Resources Inc., MBA, Mimex, and Dalimar.

At the meeting, we were able to showcase many new product offerings, including the EDM 7.0 release, new features in EDM Modal Analysis, and the Vibration Diagnostics System. Along with a few technical demonstrations of tools such as VDS, Multi-Shaker Control using a 3-axis shaker, and MIMO sine control, we were able to highlight some of the advantages and key features of our products.

Our sister company Sentek Dynamics made an appearance as well, providing a brief overview of the shakers that accompany our controllers in many applications. Sentek also presented important technical information which will prove helpful for customers in selecting the correct shaker for their application.

Overall the meeting was a great success as our distributors came away with a better idea of which applications our products fit best in and were able to highlight Crystal Instruments’ advantages in comparison to current offerings in the industry.