Seatbelt Sensor with the Spider-80SG

As a heavily transportation reliant and automobile driving society, we have become dependent and quite trusting of the automotive industry for the seatbelt’s lifesaving properties. But, does one ever wonder how those seatbelt devices are certified for our utmost safety? Certainly, it is possible to monitor the speed and displacement as a safety check regarding how timely the seatbelt engages. There are few products on the market to ease the complexity of this testing and Crystal Instruments now offers one of such systems. The Spider-80SG integrates seamlessly with the IES 2098 Seatbelt Sensor. It is an accumulator and the accuracy of its readings depends on the voltage precision of the supply. The Spider-80SG provides this power and allows the counter to reset as needed.

Spider-80SG and seatbelt.png

This particular sensor can measure +1024mm to -1024mm and gives +2.5/-2.5V output. So, the sensitivity would be 2.44mV/mm. The Spider-80SG yields accurate data down to the rated 0.1mm.

80SG data table.png

After resetting the counter by shunting to the ground pin when desired, exact direction and displacement were observed:

80SG graph.png

Furthermore, CI’s Post Analyzer can be used to differentiate and deduce the velocity from the time waveform of the recorded belt movement rounding out a complete solution for seatbelt testing. For more information about the Spider-80SG, Post Analyzer and other Crystal Instruments measurement products, please contact