Introducing EDM Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) Feature

In the recent EDM 7.0 release, Crystal Instruments introduced Multi-Shaker Control (MSC) in EDM software as a new feature. The EDM MSC function enables users to view and monitor multiple shaker tests from one PC station. The user can observe the testing status, view individual signals from different shaker systems, and send commands to each controller from one centralized application. The MSC feature is especially useful for production applications, increasing efficiency and simplifying control processes. Up to 12 controllers can be accessed simultaneously.

MSC Diagram.jpg

Run Different Types of Tests
Any combination of Sine, Random, SOR or ROR tests can be set on each individual controller. Vibration testing can be configured, executed, and saved individually or collectively. Use shared master commands such as Connect All, Run All, Stop All, etc. to control all tests with one-click.


Custom Display Interface
EDM MSC offers the flexibility to customize the status display for each shaker controller. Composite view, status only view, or a combination of both can be viewed on one screen. Users can choose to display different parameters or different command panels for each test. Executable testing commands are listed on the display for ease of use.

MSC Test Status.png

Robust Design
Users can click to enable any test as an active test, with the ability to view different live signals of that test. Upon stopping, users can select any front-end to download saved data or to generate custom reports.