Automotive Testing Show and Conference, Mexico 2018

Automotive production is one of the most dynamic of industries in Mexico. The country has become a global player in both the automotive OEM and auto parts sectors. Many leading motor companies have made their move towards manufacturing in Mexico, so the need for vibration testing and instrumentation has increased as well. Conferences and trade shows have seen an uptick as a result, with a generation of intrigued engineers fiercely researching the possibilities and specialties of the testing and simulation industry throughout the country.

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Crystal Instruments had the privilege to attend, sponsor and demonstrate new products at one of such events, the Auto Testing Show (ATS). For its second year in the fast growing city of Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico, ATS hosted many top suppliers and providers from all over the world with visitors including Nissan, Ford and others.

Representing themselves and Sentek Dynamics, Crystal Instruments (CI) displayed the new touchscreen CoCo-80X alongside dynamic signal analyzers such as the compact Spider-20 and the high channel Spider-80Xi. Also exhibited was the powerful EDM Modal Analysis software suite and our robust, legacy vibration control software.

The expo bustled with excitement for two days and CI was proud to provide the show lanyards. With a bright future ahead in the automotive and instrumentation industries, CI hopes to continue growing and providing leading dynamic signal analysis and vibration control solutions for Mexico and the rest of the world.

For more information on our products for the automotive industry or to learn more about Crystal Instruments full product suite, please reach out to