VIATC 2018 New Orleans, Louisiana

Summertime…birds chirp in the warm early mornings, crickets sing late into the evening haze, and the Vibration Institute holds their Annual Training Conference and Expo! This year’s exhibition was hosted by VI as well as, the world’s most trusted source of the latest reliability and uptime maintenance news and information in the Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Industries. As organizers of the expo, they even hosted numerous interesting live-streamed interviews with industry professionals right on the exhibit floor.

On its 42nd year, the event brought in at least 50 exhibitors and more than 500 attendees to lovely city of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the party never stops. Things were particularly buzzing on the Crystal Instruments display table where we demonstrated our latest and greatest CoCo-80X handheld vibration data collector with touchscreen capabilities. It can perform and capture routine maintenance vibration data from customized databases consisting of machines, motors, fans, pumps etc, typically seen on a production, processing or manufacturing floors.

VI ATC is one of the most sought-after events in the vibration and predictive maintenance industry, drawing in many seasoned professionals as well as young engineers and technicians in training. Crystal Instruments is proud to display our flagship PDM products and will return next year as we have with every year prior. For more information on how our CoCo-80X and Spider products can help you with vibration data collection, dynamic signal analysis and data recording needs, please contact