Distribution Agreement with company Álava Ingenieros for Spain and Portugal

Crystal Instruments (CI) is proud to announce that we reached an agreement with Alava Ingenieros (locations in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Lisbon) for the distribution of our products in Spain and Portugal.

Álava Ingenieros – Grupo Álava has been providing high technology solutions since it was founded in 1973. The company focuses on the following technological fields: sensors, data-acquisition, predictive maintenance, calibration, testing, security, communications, imaging, photonics and nanotechnology, and environmental, marine and terrestrial technologies. They provide value-added services such as technical advice, integration, configurations, commissioning, training, support and post-sales service. Álava Ingenieros seamlessly connects manufacturers, systems integrators and end-users to provide technology that contributes to social development.

The Group looks forward to the internationalization of its activities with great excitement, seeing it as a strategic part of its growth and expansion plan. This vocation is clearly apparent in the direct and indirect supplies carried out by the group's companies throughout its history. Their increasing presence and participation in international projects and tenders also continuously drives them to actively seek Commercial Partners and Agents around the world.

 With Crystal Instruments’ full support and commitment, Álava Ingenieros may offer their customers a complete range of solutions for the Vibration Controllers market. Our cooperation also extends to our Modal Analysis software. Crystal Instruments’ EDM Modal is a complete Modal Testing and Modal Analysis suite for Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA). EDM Modal software was developed based upon the sophisticated technologies of modern modal analysis theory and technique. With its intuitive controls and powerful features, EDM Modal is the ultimate tool for modal analysis applications. An intuitive interface allows users to manage highly complicated tests that can involve hundreds of measurement points and multiple excitations.

Alava Ingenieros may provide seminars and webinars in the future to offer customers a high level of technical training and support regarding CI products.  

Álava Ingenieros is your interface for Crystal Instruments products in Spain and Portugal. You may share your inquiries with us and we take care of the rest!

Website: http://www.alavaingenieros.com

Álava Ingenieros, SA
C/ Albasanz, 16 – Ed. Antalia
Tel: +34 91 567 97 00
Madrid, Spain

MRA Instrumentaçäo SA
Taguspark – Edificio Qualidade
Tel: +351 214 217 472
Porto Salvo, Portugal

Contact Person:
Mr. Xavier Corbella
Email: xcorbella@grupoalava.com