Crystal Instruments EDM 8.0 Release Preview

Crystal Instruments is currently working on the latest and most advanced featured version of EDM 8.0. The following is a brief preview of what can be expected from the EDM 8.0 Version release:

Introducing New Hardware Platform: Spider-80M for MIMO VCS Control, Spider-80Ti for Temperature Measurements
The new Spider-80M supports up to 8 outputs by enabling the control of 8 shakers to perform a MIMO VCS (multiple-input multiple-output vibration control system) test. The input channels can be scaled up to 512 by combining it with the Spider-80Xi.


The Spider-80Ti can be used along with the Spider-80Xi system or the Spider-80M system to perform synchronized measurements of temperature in a DSA (dynamic signal analysis), VCS (vibration control system) or MIMO VCS test.

Introducing Spider-101 (Temperature and Humidity Controller)
The Spider-101 is a new temperature and humidity controller that works with chamber systems from Sentek Dynamics to achieve high accuracy control.

When combining the Spider-101 with the Spider-80M or Spider-80Xi line of products, users are able to control Temperature, Humidity and Vibration with complete accuracy and synchronization.

Introducing EDM MIMO Shock Control Test
The EDM MIMO Shock Control test is added to the MIMO VCS software suite which already includes MIMO Random Control, MIMO Sine Control and MIMO Time Waveform Replication Control. MIMO Shock Control tests are used to measure the reliability and durability of an object under test.

Introducing EDM Cloud (
All DSA and VCS tests have the option of online monitoring through Crystal Instruments’ web-based interface called EDM Cloud. Users with subscriptions to EDM Cloud service can upload selected data and parameters to EDM Cloud.

Introducing Statistics Time History Signals in EDM VCS
Added a new signal type “Statistics Time History Signal”, which plots signal characteristics (such as RMS, peak, …etc.) v.s. Time, for the entire duration of the test.

Introducing Variable Sampling Rate in EDM – DSA (Dynamic Signal Analysis)
The Spider-80Xi platform gives users the immense flexibility to combine Spider-80Xi, Spider-80SGi and Spider-80Ti devices to create one system with synchronized data acquisition. The different measurement quantities within a system can now be sampled at different sampling rates, which enables users to capture a wide range of measurements with accurate synchronization using a desired sampling rate.

Introducing EDM Modal MIMO Stepped Sine, Poly-X curve-fitting method, EMA/FEA Correlation, new geometry window, Online ODS and more.
In EDM 8.0, a new modal testing type called Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Stepped Sine has been implemented which allows users to control and monitor multiple channels according to the implemented control strategy. This is a whole new module where multiple modal shakers can be used to provide multiple stepped sinusoidal excitations to the structure under test. Using a large channel count data acquisition system like the Spider, this sine shaker excitation method provides higher efficiency and accuracy for the FRF measurements while minimizing local stresses on the test article. The MIMO Stepped Sine also provides a high signal-to-noise ratio of sine excitations because it runs one frequency at a time.

Introducing “Advanced notching” in Random
Two advanced notching algorithms implemented in Random are: Summed force notching and RSS vector notching.

Advanced Notching.png

Introducing CI Store  - Online store for all licensing
The Crystal Instruments Store will be launching soon, enabling users to purchase licenses for Calibration, Post Analyzer (PA) and Vibration Diagnostic System (VDS) online.

With instantly available licenses, calibration licenses can be purchased and devices can be calibrated within minutes.

In addition, a host of other new and improved features are included in the release. Stay tuned for the EDM 8.0 release.